Quality is our commitment

We provide many services one of them being contract packaging and Manufacturing in tablet/capsule form.

Our Facility

Millennial Pharma is Temperature/Humidity controlled with 10,000 square feet facility. Our capacity to pack approximately 500,000 bottles and more per month.

Tablets provide an easily recognizable, durable, and long-lasting route of administration for supplement consumers. Millennial Pharma’s world-class tablet presses deliver the highest quality tablets on the market. We welcome all custom requirements including sizes, shapes, and functionality.

Capsules provide quick and efficient dosages for supplement consumers. Millennial Pharma possesses some of the most technologically sophisticated encapsulation machinery available on the market. We are primed for full customization including size, materials, and appearance.

Softgels are often an easier to swallow supplement choice and are the first choice for oils or other liquid ingredients. By their nature, softgel contents are sealed to protect against air and opaque softgels protect fragile ingredients from light. Millennial Pharma can provide a variety of sizes and colors to meet your custom specifications.

Powders are ideal for providing high-dosage supplements to consumers. Millennial Pharma possesses both the world-class machinery and seasoned manufacturing experience to ensure your powders are fresh and tasty. We can provide any number of custom blends and flavorings to fit your precise specifications.

Gummies are an increasingly popular form of supplement. They are easy, tasty, and fun for consumers. Millennial Pharma can cater to any variety of gummy shapes, types, and tastes.


Millennial Pharma Packaging & Manufacturing is a one stop source for all of your Manufacturing & Packaging needs. We offer complete supply chain management, from procuring materials to shipping the final packaged product. Our state of the art cGMP facility provides primary and secondary packaging for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.

Services offered

About Us

Millennial Pharma engages in manufacturing and packaging of OTC and nutraceutical products. We develop custom formulations of nutraceutical products as per the customer’s requirements. We also formulate challenging products like ODT tablets, chewable tablets, and Effervescent tablets. Millennial Pharma owns the technology of ODT, chewable and effervescent tablets. Millennial Pharma is committed to manufacturing challenging products with superior quality. All products manufactured in Millennial Pharma are tested by a third-party vendor. The test results of these products are always shared with our customers. Millennial Pharma follows a strict GMP regulation procedure and believes in making quality products for their customers.

Millennial Pharma follows all compliance and GMP regulations to achieve the highest standard achievable in a manufacturing facility. We welcome new customers to aid in the growth of our business and are committed to delivering quality products on time.

World-class Facility

Millennial Pharma’s 10,000 sq / ft facility produces high volumes of quality capsules, tablets, and powders to custom specifications. We ship directly to any location in the world.